Amazing Rustic Kitchen Tables

Rustic kitchen tables – The rustic style is a type of decorative style that not only occurs in the kitchen but you can apply throughout the house either a living room or a bedroom. It is the use of wood in rustic state, that is, without much decoration, and carved forms, but almost rustic wood [...]

Advantages of free standing kitchen cabinets

Build a closet “out of the box” free standing kitchen cabinets to maximize wall space and create an alternative way to divide your living space. An independent cabinet gets its support from its construction cubicle on a very strong foundation. When carrying out its independent cupboard, enjoy a walk around your new storage solution. How [...]

ceramic kitchen backsplash designs

As for a wide range of colored tiles to find their loved ones can be an inspiring first step in designing mosaic kitchen backsplash designs. Then you can cut tile options and start outlining different possible designs. Especially if it is their first project of larger mosaic, be careful not to try an overly complicated [...]

Kitchen booth seating for home

Maintaining kitchen booth seating upholstered properly keeps money in your pocket and spends hours shopping for replacements. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and spills lead to permanent stains if not properly cleaned. Coffee, milk and oil-based stains are the common enemies’ upholstered furniture, and each requires a separate battle plan. It is possible to clean and maintain [...]

Stainless Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pull down kitchen faucet – There are many models that adorn the kitchen faucet of your kitchen sink. One of which is a pull-down kitchen faucet that is widely used to sink you. All such models have a hose spray that fits neatly inside the drain when not in use. A pull down kitchen faucet [...]

Mosaic Tile Backsplash Style

Mosaic tile backsplash – Any type of tile may be used to create a mosaic. However, glass tiles are considered as the best and most efficient available on the market today. As you have a wide variety of colors, your creativity in creating the mosaic will not know limits. Moreover, it is also possible to [...]

Kitchen Backsplashes Tile Modern

Kitchen backsplashes - Kitchen backsplash is one of the main elements of any kitchen decor. The backsplash is quite prominent, so design it in the right way is very essential. A well designed backsplash is sure to give beautiful touch to the space. You can choose to create a backsplash that complements the rest of the [...]

Black Kitchen Step Stool

Wooden kitchen step stool offer a variety of possibilities, and even metal stools can be decorated. Sand wooden stools with sandpaper 100 grit, then paint them in bright colors inspired by a rainbow. Paint the round wooden seat of a stool in a citrus color such as orange, yellow or green.Then paint a white circle in the seat [...]

Best Eco Friendly Countertops

Here are  some best eco friendly countertops to choose from. Stainless steel in the kitchen, including granite, stainless steel is very popular. It looks elegant and modern, is durable and easy to clean, but a lot of resources needed to create stainless steel, and therefore not environmentally friendly. Recycled aluminum provides the same sleek and durable look like stainless [...]

Awesome Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed kitchen cabinets - Crackle Paint is a material used to make cabinets and furniture in a distressed, aged look. Cracks paint dries, cracks and any upper-layer paint is applied. If you want to refinish cabinets covered in crackle paint, you need to remove it, or show through the new coat of paint. A semi-paste paint [...]