Protected: The Barnraiser Series – Session Three – Michael Port

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  • Anonymous

    is it just me, or does Michael’s audio cut out at 2:36?

  • Aaron Curtis

    in the video version you are correct – but the MP3 has his audio throughout.

  • Mike Korner

    Thanks for providing the MP3 option for this one, too!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if I can download this to itunes so I can listen to it on my iPhone/itunes

  • Joe Sorge

    Matthew, just right click, save as mp3 and then drag into itunes. #fingerscrossed

  • Berni Xiong

    Absolutely useful information. Lots of golden nuggets here. Now I’ve got to jump on a webinar by Michael Port in 10 minutes! Love me some learning! Thanks for the quality content and guests! Awesome value on top of what I already get in the forum!