What is Kitchen Table Companies and What’s in it For Me?

Starting and running your own business, while exciting and liberating, can leave you feeling scared and alone. Membership in Kitchen Table Companies means you’re no longer alone when you need to find answers to your most pressing business issues.

Launched earlier this year by Chris Brogan and Joe Sorge, it’s the right resource for you if you’re starting a small business, already running one, or simply looking for new ways to grow your business. Membership in Kitchen Table Companies means you’re no longer alone when you need to find answers to your most pressing business issues. It gives you, the small business owner, a trusted community of people you can turn to for help, support and honest feedback on all aspects of your business.

We also want to learn from you, connect with you, and get to know your business as we build this extensive online resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We feature seminars, articles, resources, interviews, our weekly TV show “Kitchen Table Talks”, a business owners book club, Social Media 101 and the unique opportunity to learn from the collective experience of business owners who are all working hard to grow their business.

About the Company

Kitchen Table Companies was founded by Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works. But he’s not the main attraction here. You need to meet Joe.

Joe Sorge

Hi there, my name is Joe Sorge.  I am an entrepreneur and a small business owner.  I was born into a “small business” family in upstate New York and shortly realized that it was in my blood.

Though my path to this point is likely different than yours, I have a feeling that we’re both here for pretty similar reasons. What drove me to start my own business was the idea that without doing so I might not be able to create and develop the things I cared most about, would be the most fun, or just flat out had a passion for.  Another reason I preferred the idea of owning my own business was that I didn’t want to have to be afraid to fail.  Mostly because I knew I would, a lot.  I believe that failure is one of the most important parts of being a business owner and integral to the mindset of an entrepreneur and small business owner.  Without the permission to try and fail I knew I’d never really create anything great, let alone anything remarkable.

And while not every business venture has been successful, each one has been a significant learning experience.  And now, I’m excited to discover your knowledge and collaborate with you. To learn from what we’ve gained from our collective journeys as we solve our business challenges together.  Here, as part of our new Kitchen Table Community.

(p.s. – I’d love to be able to stay up to date with you as we grow this community.  If you think that might be helpful too, you can subscribe to our newsletter here)

Alternatively, if  you need to reach us directly, you can drop us a note here: http://humanbusinessworks.com/contact

If You Need Support

If you need anything and can’t find it, send email to support @ kitchentablecompanies.com or just fill out our nifty contact form.