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Thread: Episode 20 : Growth : KTC of the Week: Gary Vaynerchuk : Leadership Question?

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    Episode 20 : Growth : KTC of the Week: Gary Vaynerchuk : Leadership Question?

    If you cannot see the video above, click here -> http://thepulsenetwork.com/technolog...11-episode-19/

    Yesterday I readied myself to do our weekly episode of Kitchen Table Talks over on The Pulse Network. At the last minute Chris had a scheduling change and couldn't make the show live and our guest for the show was going to be later than expected. So I was a bit panicked at the idea of losing my "structure" that I usually have in place for the show. In the end, my panic was unfounded and the guys over at The Pulse did a great job pulling things together.

    However, my guest, Gary Vaynerchuk had some other ideas for the show.

    After you've watched the show I'd be interested to hear if our discussion shook something loose for you. Do you sometimes not think about the real "brass tacks" of what motivates you as a leader? Do you sometimes focus too much on big picture, almost vanilla goals?

    Can't wait to hear your input.
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    Originally Posted by JoeSorge View Post
    Can't wait to hear your input.
    Hi Joe!
    Hey, you probably had to wait, still :-)

    Because there are so many things that always call our attention, that it is hard to follow through on everything, don't you think?
    And by the way, I got confused at some of the latest KTC materials that come to my inbox recently, because I thought I had left it more than one week behind - and that I needed to watch episode 19, not 20, because I love @GaryVee and wouldn't miss his words of wisdom for an empire.

    Also it can be confusing (to me at least), not to know at what date a post on the forum was published: I can't seem to find the date of the posts, is that my eyesight that is getting confused or what?

    Anyway, back to my getting to video with Gary and the topic of scaling a business, I really enjoyed it, because this is definitely where I am at, wondering what my problems are, and what is keeping me from making any strides.

    I loved this "Until your business is not built to sell it is not a business it's a job". And I loved also what Gary cautioned about his father, it is not a bad thing to have a job that you love, and that's how I feel about what I am doing: I love it, that's for sure. But, yes, it is still a job, and for the moment, a job that is not scaling enough to feed my family and their future, so I still have lots to do, lots to learn, lots to work.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all the pearls of wisdom, and advice that are made available by KTC. Great stuff!! Thanks.
    Laurence Furic a.k.a.Otir
    Angel Wings Web

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