Quite often we get the chance to interview some very smart people.
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KTC Seminars and Interviews Archives

Build a Small Business Plan the KTC Way
Most business plans are stuffy documents that you use to ask for money, or that you write to prove that you’re serious about doing business. They are rarely used after that, unless you’re asking for a loan or thinking about selling. What we’ve built for you here is a live, actionable plan template, the kind of small business planning template that you can use to think about your business and what you want from it every single day.

Chris Brogan interviews Tony Hawk
When Chris originally did this interview his takeaway was the consideration of leverage in our business lives.
Leverage – power to accomplish something; strategic advantage. Essentially, the idea of leverage is the idea that you should never think of your asset as just an asset. Every chess piece has more than one use: as an attacker, as a defender, and as leverage to get something even greater, either through sacrifice or through positioning.

Chris Brogan interviews Joe Sorge
Chris interviews and introduces Joe and his company and they discuss the many challenges of growing a small business from a single location into multiple units. Including topics like: systematizing an experience, incentivizing managers and employees, hiring, and customer service.

Chris Brogan interviews Sam Calagione
Chris interviews founder/president Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery around his brewery business, his new book: Brewing up Business, and about his life as an innovative entrepreneur.

Joe Sorge interviews Jackson Wightman
You probably don’t know Jackson, but his story is a great one. He’s got a great idea that nearly any small business could use to increase top of the mind awareness of their brand/product/store.

Chris Garrett interviews Chris and Joe
Chris and I had the pleasure of visiting with Chris Garrett for a bit to discuss KTC for Chris’ blog at ChrisG.com. Here’s that post and interview.

Chris Brogan interviews Derek Halpern
Chris had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr Derek Halpern of Social Triggers, to talk about some of his insights into how websites and blogs can convert better. Derek helps people improve their lead generation and conversion and he helps them by pointing out some really simple (at least most of them are) tips that can help you get much further along in your success with your own websites and blogs.

Chris Brogan interviews Nancy Duarte
Here’s a video interview between Chris and Nancy Duarte about presentations and how to do even better with delivering a message that matters to your buyers.

Chris Brogan interviews Michele McGraw
Meet Michele McGraw, she’s one of the original “mommy bloggers”. Now before you cringe at that title, spend the next ten minutes learning about how she turned what she loved to do into a kitchen table company.