60 minutes of live Q & A with Chris Brogan, Rob Hatch, and Joe Sorge
where you ask us your small business questions.
Q & A on your own projects, challenges, and things you’ve always wanted to know.

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Office Hours Session Archives:

Session One with Chris Brogan
Introduction to Office Hours and Q & A from every possible angle from our members.

Session Two with Joe Sorge
This session was filled with great questions, a little heavy on the social media, but you’ll also see that we discuss:
-breakeven analysis – ROI
-wordpress sharing plugins
-social media presence and ROI
-the power of negative reviews
-proving out #custserv
-branding a startup with SM
-the silver bullet question of SM
-place of education
-asking for help
-joining the SM conversation (listening)
-search.twitter.com localized tips