A how-to video series for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Barnraiser Session Archives:

Session One – Part One – featuring Nathan Hangen
In part one Chris and Nathan discuss Nathan’s start-up story.
Including his motivation, start-up math, and some misconceptions.

Nathan also talks about:
-trial and error
-where to find his market
-what types of advertising and marketing – from guerrilla marketing to twitter fail and the concept of proof of “freemium”.
Even where and how did he learn his skills BEFORE he struck out on his own.

Session One – Part Two – featuring Nathan Hangen
In part two Chris and Nathan discuss:
-Benchmarks of success.
-Reaching those goals?
-How are you handling success?
-How closely do you monitor competition?
-Establishing value for clients?
-Where do ideas and concepts come from?
-The mystery behind naming your brand.
-Meaningful design.

Session Two – featuring Carol Tice
In this session of barnraisings, Carol and Chris Discuss:
-Best time to reach media.
-First steps in contacting media. How do I tell the story?
-Is all publicity good publicity?
-How to find media that’s looking.
-How not to be discovered.
-Be prepared with stories.
-Facts and Figures.
-Successful pitches for media. The power of HARO.

Session Three – featuring Michael Port
In this session of barnraisings, Michael and Chris Discuss:
-marketing tactics vs. relationships
-action points to create awareness
-steps to determining Pricing
-referral strategy and customer retention
-thoughts on competition and thinking bigger
-the list of twenty
-how many customers do you really need?
-how to reward action
-follow through on commitment