1) How do you manage to find time for everything?

That’s not as easy as it may seem. Sometimes I stay up all night to finish some assignments for college or reading a gripping book or helping my father with his projects (yes, he is a workaholic too). I have a very busy schedule for weeks ahead as I plan absolutely everything. One of the first things my parents explained to me was time management so I`ve had a few planners with all the appointments, meetings, and even dates. But from time to time I break all the rules and go for an unplanned coffee with friends. I adore those moments.

2) What are your plans after graduation?

I`ve still got 2 years of study ahead of me so it`s difficult to say right away. I will work as a marketing strategist, that’s for sure, as photography is just a hobby. And I would like to go to Europe for a few months just to travel a bit and relax after college.

3) Would you like to move to another city in the future?

For some time, maybe yes. I`d even love to move to another country just to learn more about other cultures, traditions, and ways of life. I believe it can help to change the perspective and maybe reconsider some values. It`s also a great way to meet new people and get friends you can then visit. If you try to work abroad it will be even better. You`ll know how they manage a business in different countries, what are the regulations and so on. It will help you at home if once you decide to start your own company and work with foreigners.