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Thread: Get the most out of the Book Club and this Forum

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    Dec 2010
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    Get the most out of the Book Club and this Forum

    You'll probably get the most out of this and other public portions of the forum by registering for a free account so that you can post and reply freely.

    It's a quick and painless process.
    Start by clicking here: http://kitchentablecompanies/members/signup.php
    Simply choose the basic plan and agree to the terms upon registering.
    That's it.

    Happy to have you join us here at Kitchen Table Companies.
    Catch us LIVE every Tuesday talking KTC:
    on The Pulse Network
    Find me most quickly: @JoeSorge
    Drop me an E-mail: Joe@Bteam.co
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    I did it!

    And that means anyone can

    And probably should!
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